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There are mainly three types of 6 mA DC RCM (RDC-MD) in the market. We have noticed built-in 6 mA DC RCM at a mode-3 EV charging controller is favored by most of professional EV charging point manufacturers worldwide.
How to select 6 mA DC RCM for mode-3 EV charging points
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What is a RDC-DD, RDC-MD and RDC-PD?
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RDC-DDs are used at mode-3 EV charging system to ensure that the proper functionality of RCDs type A or type F is not impaired by DC residual currents above 6 mA. RDC-DDs are classified as the two classes of RDC-MD and RDC-PD. 



Why is 6 mA DC RCM used in AC EV charging pile? 
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DC RCM- officially named as RDC-MD in IEC 62955:2018 - is widely integrated in AC EV charging piles, so as to detect DC residual current that can cause the malfunction of Type A 30 mA RCD. It is interesting to know why DC RCM is used for AC charging piles.





For mode-2 and mode-3 charging, Bituo offers a wide range of products that facilites cost-effective protection against fault currents of AC 30 mA and DC 6 mA. 
Among applications where smooth DC residual current protection is needed, we think EV charging is the one most urgently calling for high-performance and affordable protection devices. Therefore, our team decide to step up to promote IEC 62955 related products in the IEC market, aiming to speed up the protectiong upgrading for mode-2 and mode-3 charging. 
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An industry pioneer in promoting IEC 62955 RDC-DD 
Key achievment

  • ​A comphrehensive IEC 62955 related product family available for EV charger manufacuters
  • Supported 300+ EV charger manufacturers and installers in residual current protection topic​​​​​​​
  • Globally the first 2MW compact Type-EV RCBO launched in Spring 2021

  • Globally the first IEC 62955 RDC-PD certified by TÜV Rheinland in winter 2020
    • Globally the first IEC 62955 RDC-MD certified by TÜV Rheinland in winter 2019
    We are open to integrate our advanced technology- such as our residual current detecting ICs and sensors- into your prdocuts and systems. Our team has proven expertise of residual current protection and current measurement at both AC and DC power system.

    Technology Integration

    in the field of electrical measurement and protection

    We develop segment-specific products to enhance safety of your equipment and machines, as well as offer ODM collarboration​ for smart power distribution. So far we have delivered residual current sensors for EV charging, Wifi/Zigbee meters integrating into smart home system, ICs for type-A RCD/PRCD etc.

    Segment-specific Design

    of electrical and electronic products

    Advanced technologies for electrical measurement and protection, and segment-specific products for machine and equipment manufacturers.
    We are China's leading technology provider for residual current protection. ​​Our technology and products improve electrical safety in today's world full of power electronics applications. ​​
    We raise the bar of low-voltage protection technology in the new digital era, so as to improve electrical safety.
    • An expert company mastering cutting-edge measurement and protection technology
    • Co-founders are all veterans of R&D and sales & marketing in low-voltage business
    • Consistent high quality secured together with leading component and assembly partners
    • A industry pioneer promoting IEC 62955 RDC-DD with a wide range of products
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    Our core competence is electrical protection​.

    We are China's leading technology provider for residual current protection. ​​Our technology and products improve electrical safety in today's world full of power electronics applications. 

    Electrical Protection in Digital Energy Era