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— Electrical Protection in Digital Energy Era 
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DC fault current detection devices following IEC 62955 launched to meet customers request. 
We are China's leading technology provider for residual current protection. ​​Our technology and products improve electrical safety in today's world full of power electronics applications. 
models of electrical products and EV chargers have integrated our technology inside to make electricity safer.

We raise the bar of low-voltage protection technology in the new digital era, so as to improve electrical safety. ​​​​​​​

  • “We” – Our customers and partners, as well as Bituo

  • “Raise the bar of low-voltage protection” – we innovate in cutting-edge protection technology, develop excellent products and introduce them for large applications

  • “In the new digital era” – We embrace new technology, such as IoT and AI, to strengthen our low-voltage protection technology and products.

  • “Improve electrical safety  – We aims to protect people and property from electrical accidents