Your Expert Parnter for Electrical Protection

​​Our company at a glance
  • An expert company mastering cutting-edge residual current protection technologies
  • Co-founders are all veterans in low-voltage electrical product business
  • Consistent high quality secured together with leading component and assembly partners
  • An industry pioneer promoting IEC 62955 RDC-DD with a wide range of products
  • An innovative player delivering easy-to-use energy sensors with strong IoT features


​​Our core competence is electrical protection​​​​​

With a reputable expert team based in Shanghai, our company pioneers in electrical measurement and residual current protection technologies. Our technolgies have helped many companies deliver high-performance products and solutions at a affordable prices for their customers. Particularly we are China's leading technology provider for residual current protection - accelerating the electrical protection upgrading in today's world full of power electronics.

We develope segment-specific products to overcome industrial chanllenges. Whenever our engineers turn technologies into products, we work carefully to maintain a minimal portfolio that creates maximal values for our customers. To ensure your safe use of electricity, all our products are benchmarked to high standards of blue-chip players in product design, manufacturing and quality control. 

​​Our values
  • Integrity: We believe a culture of Integrity is a prerequisite for our specialized protection business which is vital for safety of human and property. We want integrity embedded in our people and conduct our business in a responsible and ethical way.

  • Innovative: We keep introducing innovative technology and products, whose success should be measured by our customers’ success. Also, we work innovatively to create sustainable value.

  • OpenWe highly encourage open communication internally between our team members and externally with our partners and customers. We believe a genuinely open corporate culture could also improve employee engagement and productivity, which ultimately benefits our customers.

  • Excellent: At Bituo, we are constantly challenging ourselves to create better solutions faster. Importantly, we take pride in delivering outstanding quality in everything we do.A consistent high quality are secured together with our leading component and assembly partners

Why we start

We raise the bar of low-voltage protection technologies in the new digital era, so as to improve electrical safety. ​​​​​​​

  • “We” – Bituo as well as our partners and customers.
  • “Raise the bar of low-voltage protection technologies” – we innovate cutting-edge electrical protection technologies and promote them for a large scale of application.
  • “In the new digital era” – We embrace new technology, such as IoT and AI, to strengthen our low-voltage protection technology and products.
  • “Improve electrical safety  – We aims to protect people and property from electrical accidents.