Residual current technology integration​​​​​
Our company was founded with the purpose of accelerating electrical protection upgrading. We are open to integrate our advanced technologies into your prdocuts, systems and solutions, as long as both of us have the same goal of closing electrical protection gapsSo far, we have assisted several manufacturers in developing high-performance RCCB and Socket-Outlet RCDs with our RCD technology inside. For example, we helped a manufacturer launch compact type-F socket-outlet RCDs used for inverter air-conditioners. 

Smart power distribution product ODM​​​​​

There is a clear trend that power distribution products at sub / final power distribution level are connected to the same IoT PaaS platform as the traditional smart-home devices- such as smart lighting control and smart cameras. However, most of traditional smart-home device manufacturers are lack of experiences of developing electrical protection, monitoring and control devices used in sub / final power distribution networks. Moreover, the investment of manufacturing and testing equipment is very high. Therefore, we offer one-stop expert service for smart power distribution product collarboration, which covers from product design to large-scale manufacturing.  


Expert Services

At Bituo, we offer some featured services base on our know-how. These expert services mainly address industrial pain points in the following three categories

Our expert service scope

Energy management SaaS

We maintain a small software team highly experienced in energy management SaaS, in order to help our customers and partners accurately identify their application-specific demands. Moreover, we offer a value-added service of deploying our energy management software on your cloud – a cost-effective approach for large/middle business operators that requires a high level of  flexibility, security and independence.