eFAB Type-EV RCBO - Type-A RCBO and RDC-PD
    Publish time 2021-05-05 21:41    
Integrated type-A residual current circuit breakers with over current protection and residual direct current protective devices
The eFAB Type-EV RCBO is designed for EV charging system to meet residual current protection requested by IEC 61851-1 & IEC 60364-7-722. Both AC 30mA (A Type) and 6 mA DC residual current protection is integrated in the device with compact design. It is globally the first type-EV RCBO (Type-A RCBO and RDC-PD complying with IEC 62955 ) certified by TÜV Rheinland.

mer Benefits
  • Easy-to-use: Installation alone can help EV charger meet residual current protection requested by IEC 61851-1 & IEC 60364-7-722 without charging controller re-designing
  • Space-saving: Compact design with 36mm width and 80mm length that saves 50% more space in installation
  • Flexible wiring: Possible in feeding from both bottom and up terminals no matter it is installed in EV chargers or in distribution boards / consumer units
  • Cost-saving: Significant cost-saving compared to type-B RCD while maintaining a high level of protection described by the IEC/EN standard for EV charging
  • High-quality: Designed by reputable RCD experts and assembled at carefully selected partner with track records 
  • Smart operation : Automatic reclosing devices / motor operation accessories available to facility remote/local testing and resetting without opening of EV charger cabinet
  • Global availability: Accepted in most of European and Asian countries with its compliance with IEC/EN 61009-1 and IEC 62955 standard

Main Features
  • Rated Current (In) from 6A to 40A
  • Rated Short-Circuit Capacity (Icn) 6 kA
  • Rated residual operating current according to IEC/EN 61009-1 - In 30mA (A Type)
  • Rated residual direct operating current according to IEC 62955 - Idc 6mA