BRCS-01 AC/DC residual current sensor
    Publish time 2021-05-08 19:55    
Residual current sensor detecting 30mA AC (A Type) and / or 6mA DC residual current per IEC 62955 characteristic to implement RDC-DD (RDC-MD/RDC-PD)
The BRCS-01 can be used to configurate a IEC62955 Residual Direct Current - Monitoring Device with your Mode-3 EV charging controller in order to provide residual current protection requested by IEC 61851-1 & IEC 60364-7-72.

mer Benefits
  • Cost-effective: Upgrade your charging controller to a IEC 62955 RDC-MD with easy  communication configuration between sensors and charging controllers 
  • Easy to install: Options of PCB mounting and locking-around-cable available to meet various kinds of customer request 
  • Wide adaptability: Fast residual current detection facilitate broad selection of switching relays and contactors 
  • High-quality: the same PCB and magnetic coils used as the TÜV-approved DC6-iRCS-32 sensors.

Main Features
  • Diameter cable gland of residual current sensor: 16mm (Max. 3P+N 32A) 
  • Rated DC residual operating current: 0.006A  
  • Rated power supply: 5V 
  • Close to Open operation time for switch relay in charging circuit (possible necessary time delay setting should be included for calculation at charging controllers): < 35ms 
  • Installation: PCB laying-down mounting and locking-around-cable available