BRCS-02 Two-in-one Sensor for EV Charging Current Measurement and Residual Current Detection
    Publish time 2021-05-08 21:28    
Residual current sensor for 30 mA AC (A type) and 6 mA DC fault current detection meeting IEC 62752 and GB/T 18487.1 request.
The BRCS-02 is a two-in-one sensor of detecting residual current and charging current for In-Cable Control and Protection Device (IC-CPD) acc. to IEC/EN 62752 mode-2 charging of electric vehicles. Also, the BRCS-02 can be used in 3.5kW / 7kW mode-3 EV charger for the purpose of AC 30mA and DC 6mA fault current detection. 

mer Benefits
  • Innovative two-in-one sensor facilitates compact design of IC-CPD and EV charger
  • Quick fault current detection ease your selection of control devices
  • 1% accuracy of charging current monitoring at 1000:1 wiring
  • World-class processing technology of magnetic material contributes to consistent sensor performance

Main Features
  • Poles in monitoring circuit: 1P+N 
  • Rated current in monitoring circuit: ≤ 32A
  • Rated AC residual operating current I△n: 0.03A  
  • Rated DC residual operating current  I△dc: 0.006A  
  • Rated power supply: 5V