Type-A Residual current detection IC
    Publish time 2021-05-09 09:04    
G4601 Type-A Earth Leakage Current Detector IC
Electronic engineers designing residual current device are very likely to know the 54123 semiconductor integrated circuit. In order to further simplify the electronic design and overall cost of type-A residual current devices, we introduced G4601 residual current detection IC together with the other two Chinese companies three years ago.  After large applications domestically in China, we decided to bring this high-performance IC to the global market – aiming to help accelerate the electrical protection upgrading worldwide. 

mer Benefits
  • High voltage power supply directly connected after bridge converter
  • Integrated over-voltage detection variant to prevent RCD from being impaired
  • A cost-effective solution for type-A RCD that simplifies external component count

Main Features
  • Detection of type-A earth leakage current
  • High input sensitivity (VT = 6.1mV Typ.)
  • High noise and surge-proof
  • Suitable for 110V/230V systems
  • Wide temperature range