PG-01 Smart Power Monitor
    Publish time 2021-05-09 13:58    
PG-01 smart power monitor with integrated gateway function
The traditional meters occupies quite much spaces inside distribution boards. E.g. a single phase meter in modular design usually is at least 2MW. It is fine for new projects to reserve the space for new buildings, but quite challenging to find the free space to add meters in. In order to solve the problems, we developed the smart power monitors that has a strong character of compact size. 

PG-01 smart power monitor is an innovative product with the function of  electrical measurement and power gateway at a width of 1MW (18mm). It can monitors key electrical figures accurately, send alarming message and communicates with RS485 switching devices. Its users will receive at least the bellowing benefits 

mer Benefits
  • Easy-to-use: Installation alone can help EV charger meet residual current Measuring of Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, Energy
  • High-precision of energy measurement within tolerance 1%
  • Alarm message delivering in the event of abnormal power supply
  • RS485 interface reserved for controlling of switching devices

Main Features
  • Energy measurement: Accumulated energy, Hourly |  Daily | Monthly energy
  • Measured key data: Voltage, Current, Power, Power factor, Temperature
  • Alarm sending: Over/under voltage, High temperature, High power, High consumption
  • 1MW (18mm) width ultra-compact design