Classic circuit breakers + Add-on smart modules

Reliable Protection using MCBs/RCBOs in classic design​​​​​

Electrical protection in the events of overload, short-circuit and electrical shock is the most important function of in-door power distribution system. Our add-on modular solution can integrate either MCBs/RCBOs of blue-chip players or our own MCBs/RCBOs, thus it is up to the customer to select your favourite MCBs/RCBOs supplier.

Solution highlights

​​Smart Upgrading for Distribution Boards / Consumer Units​​​​​

Our 1MW(18mm) smart power monitor is an innovative product with integrated power gateway function. It works as the brain of a distribution board, which perfectly meets monitoring and controlling demand at final distribution level. Moreover, the second generation of smart power monitors can be directly mounted at the top/bottom of the circuit breakers, requiring no space at the din-rail. 

Sm​art-home Power Management

For smart power management at residential buildings, Bituo is a strong advocate of smart add-on module solution in IEC markets. The traditional configuration of  Din-rail MCBs/RCBOs associated with accessories has been proved safe and reliable with tens of years of track records, whereas smart MCBs/RCBOs integrating the function of monitoring, control and communication are very new even without a specific IEC standard available.  For safety consideration for your family members and assets at a high standard, it is still a good idea to digitalize the in-door power systems via adding the smart modules to the classical MCBs/RCBOs.

  • Is an external type-A 30mA RCD still needed, when there is built-in type-A 30mA and DC 6 mA protection at an EV charger?


    Over the past years, we have seen a clear trend of using RCD Type A and RDC-DD for home charging applications. Some EV charger manufacturers declare built-in type-A 30 mA and DC 6 mA residual current protection at their EV chargers. It is nice to have built-in type-A 30mA protection at EV chargers as back-up protective measures of the external type-A 30mA RCDs, but the external type-A 30mA RCDs shall not be removed.

  • How to select 6 mA DC RCM for mode-3 EV charging points


    6 mA DC RCM – officially named as residual direct current detection device (RDC-MD) according to IEC 62955 standard – has been widely used in mode-3 EV charging point. This article introduces how to select 6 mA DC RCM for mode-3 EV charging points.

  • Why is 6 mA DC RCM used in AC EV charging pile?


    6 mA DC RCM is not a new term for electricians and electronic engineers that have experiences in the EV charging business. This article introduces why a 6 mA DC RCM is requested in a AC EV charging pile.

  • What is a RDC-DD, RDC-MD and RDC-PD?


    Since the publishing of IEC 62955 standard in 2018, RDC-DDs have been widely used in Mode-3 EV charging to detect DC residual current. The author introduces the function of RDC-DDs and its classification as RDC-MDs and RDC-PDs. Moveover, the main-stream RDC-DD design for mode-3 EV charger is also introduced.

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Switching ON/OFF Remotely and Safely    ​​​​​

We provide several motor operating accessory variants fitting together with Siemens or Schneider Electric circuit breakers (a quick modification to other 

ciruict breakers of C60/C65 platform can also be done within 3~6 months). These devices enable MCBs/RCCBs/RCBOs to be switched ON/OFF remotely via tipping APP button or setting timer. There is no mechanical change of the circuit breakers in the configuration.

Understanding Energy Consumption Details 
The technology of nonintrusive load monitoring (NILM) has been increasingly used in recent years. E.g. People with sustainable life style are interested in knowing how electrical energy is used by each home appliance. Thanks to the high-speed measuring technology we used in our smart power monitors, they can be quickly adapted to meet the hardware request of most of NILM service providers.