​​Filed service
We are pretty sure that there are still some support and service issues that can not be solved via self-service and remote approaches. Therefore, we reserve resources for on-site services, such as complex testing and troubleshooting. However, the COVID-19 pandemic limits people’s moving globally. In order to mitigate the risk of leaving customers helpless at the project sites, we have slimed the number of products being sold oversea.

Rapid Assistance

Self-service problem solving​​
We are grateful for your self-service problem-solving, which helps us allocate more resources on innovation. Actually most of the issues that you are facing have been experienced by other users, and this is why we regularly update our FAB database and technical document, helping you find the solutions there.   
  • FAQ database: The FAQs are already sorted by us, and quick searching is also available
  • Download center: Brochure, technical manuals, video, installation guide etc.
  • Community:  Not ready for the moment, but we are planning to build it.

Remote assistance 

The following approaches are often used to get our fast support. We will try to reply to you ASAP. 

  • Email : Sending Emails to your account manager directly or to our central service team at support@bituo-technik.com (Reply within one working day) 
  • Phone: Calling your account manager directly or our local service partners in your region
  • Wechat: Most of our remote assistance domestically are done via Wechat platform with the help of our corporate service account operated by our team. The progress of your request is tracked under a four-eye principle. We highly recommend our oversea partners and customers to try this approach.
  • Skype: Calling your account manager directly via skype- a convenient and cost-effective way.

About our support 

Thanks to the modern telecommunication technology, we can already get most of the support and service issues well solved via digital approaches, such as phone call, e-mail and video conferences. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed us re-designing our system of support and services. Today, our customers can quickly access our rapid assistance in the following category

  • Self-service problem solving: FAQ database; Download center; Community 
  • Remote assistance: Email, Phone, Online tools such as Skype, Wechat and Whatsapp
  • Field service: Sending engineers to your sites, if the above two measures is not able to solve

Since we mainly operate a product business, our after-sales services focus on the four categories-  exchange, return, replacement and repair.